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5380 FERNELMONT (Noville-les-Bois)
Tél. : +32 (0)81 / 58.81.37
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Who is in charge of what at Transports Marcel Collignon?

Florence BOTTACIN: Managing Director- Head of Accountancy & Quality Manager
Florence Bottacin is the manager of the family business.
In addition to her daily management tasks, she is in charge of accounting.
All your questions relative to payments or invoices can be addressed to her via her direct email address:
Her direct phone number is +32 81-23.74.24.

Pierre DOHY : CEO & Permanent Representative
Pierre Dohy is the Permanent Representative & Manager of the company.
He is in charge of day to day management tasks.
He can be contacted by or or by phone at :
+32 81-23.74.20.

Arnaud PETITJEAN: Head of Logistics & Insurance Department
Arnaud Petitjean is in charge of the dispatching alternating with Patrick Libertiaux (every other week) He is also Pierre Dohy's backup.
In addition he is also in charge of the Insurance files and their general treatment.
He can be contacted by email: or by phone: +32 81-23.74.22.

Patrick LIBERTIAUX: Logistics & Technical support
Patrick Libertiaux is in charge of dispatching alternating with Petitjean Arnaud.
In addition he is in charge of technical interventions and on the spot quality controls.
His email address is:
His direct phone number is: +32 81-23.74.28. 

Stéphanie DELLEUZE: Administrative Assistant & Invoicing
Stéphanie Delleuze is responsible for billing from A to Z. She collects and classifies all the transport documents relative to invoicing. For any questions regarding your invoice, please contact her by email: or by phone at +32 81-23.74.23.

Corina MIHALACHE - PERRY: Executive & Quality Assistant
Corina MIHALACHE-PERRY assists the Management in various fields: administration, human resources and quality & safety management. For any question related to her area of responsibility, she can be contacted by email: or by phone: +32 81-23.74.21.